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Journey with Art

Touring the windy city

by jtjourneysAbout Me:I am a curious person by nature, I love learning and I love any type of art. I have found myself travelling to different places with different people, and no matter where I am, I have seen that some of the most amazing works of art are cit... read more

North AmericaUnited States5 days / September 2018

Highs & Lows

All the art we got to see at the museums

Should have also stayed in the small towns near the city.

Itinerary Overview

Seeing as we had a few free days, my family and I took a spontaneous trip over to one of the most beautiful and architecturally interesting cities I have ever been to: Chicago. The city astounds you from the first time you step out onto the streets, from the gigantic skyscrapers to the river and the huge lake, everything seems made with such care and love that you can feel it by just staring. The usual hotspots in the city were amazing, the Sears and Hancock towers with their gorgeous views, the famous Chicago Wheel by the pier park and Millennium Park, it was all incredible. I personally loved visiting the Chicago Art Institute Gallery, as well as the park beside it while eating some nice Potbelly’s sandwiches from a few blocks around. Another must for me was the boat tour of the city, in which you could truly appreciate the fantastic architecture of the city for half a day.

Wanting to change up the scene from the big city panorama, we took it up to rent a car and drive to the nearby suburb of Oak Park. This lovely town is known for its diversity, and you can feel in every step that everyone is truly welcome here. Here we walked along the Wright District, filled with housed designed by the great Frank Lloyd Wright himself which was absolutely incredible, and we stopped by the farmers’ market for something to eat. There really was much to do here and we would have loved to spend more than one day here.

To end the trip and seeing that it was so close by, we took a day to head over to Six Flags Great America, the well-known amusement park. Like any great theme park, this had us running from place to place and just standing in the middle of the roads wondering where we should head next. If you like rollercoasters, you’ll love it here and will be constantly craving more. We barely stopped for food during the day due to the excitement that drove us filled with energy, but still, what we got to try was really good. It was a fun and different way to explore the outskirts of this great city.

  • 5 Nights: Chicago
    Sweet Home Chicago
  • Day trip: Oak Park
    Town of architecture
  • Day trip: Gurnee
    A day of exhilaration

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    To get out of the city, I would try to stay for a night at a nearby town.

  • How was the food?

    There is so much great food here you wont believe it, try some of the smaller places instead of big chain.

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    If you like architecture be sure to look for an architectural boat or walking tour in the city.

  • Packing tips?

    Even though it was warm, its not called the windy city for nothing, make sure to pack a light jacket.

  • Transportation Tips?

    Mostly walking, but we did need to rent a car from the day trips.

  • Booking details?

    I usually make most reservations on Expedia.