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Island Life on San Andres

The Colombian Caribbean Islands of San Andres, Providencia & Santa Catalina are located near the coast of Nicaragua and a whopping 800km from mainland Colombia. The Seahorse -shaped Island of San And

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South AmericaColombia3 days / July 2018

Highs & Lows

El Hoyo Soplador or The blowing hole

Make sure you spend long enough here to see it all

Itinerary Overview

The majority of hotels, restaurants and vast amount of duty free shops can be found in San Andres Town, north of the Island. This is also home to the Island´s main beach, however as you can imagine it becomes quite crowded (not really our cup of tea!) so we decided to explore elsewhere and what better way to discover the best spots than by bicycle! I can´t recommend this enough, it takes approx 2.5 hours to cycle around the Island without stopping so by taking the whole day we could visit many places, escaping from the crowds of San Andres Town.

  • 3 Nights: San Andrés
    beach time
  • Day trip: San Andrés
    beach time
  • Day trip: San Andrés
    beach time
  • Day trip: San Andrés
    sea food n dinner
  • Day trip: San Andrés
    sea food dinner
  • Day trip: San Andres and Providencia
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Q & A

  • How was the food?

    We loved it so much we ate here twice serving fresh fish and seafood dishes, all served with ´Pan de Fruta´ or Bread fruit which is typical to the Island

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    All visitors travelling to San Andres Island will have to pay a tourist tax at the departure airport before flying which costs 104,000 COP per person.

  • Transportation Tips?

    By Bus – Buses circle the Island in both directions, arriving every 15mins. Each journey 2,400 COP. A good, cheap way to get around the Island, especially at night. By Taxi – Be prepared to pay quite a bit more for taxis here than on mainland Colombia, a 5 min journey from the airport can cost up to 20,000 COP. Mostly found in San Andres Town, you will unlikely be able to flag down a taxi elsewhere on the Island. Rent a bike/scooter/Golf cart. A good option if you´re staying a few days. Ask your hotel about where to hire these, prices per day are around 35,000 COP for a bike, 70,000 COP for a scooter and 150,000COP for a golf cart (discounted rates if renting for multiple days)....Read More

  • Booking details?

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