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Honduras Solo Travel Itinerary: Copán Ruinas and Utila Island

A land full of nature and kind people

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  • Copán Department
  • Honduras Solo Travel Itinerary: Copán Ruinas and Utila Island
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North AmericaHonduras21 days / June 2023

Highs & Lows

Diving in the bay islands

That I didn't spend more time!

Itinerary Overview

Honduras has been a great surprise for me. It's natural diversity and cultural background is amazing. It's usually considered as unsafe but I felt very safe and comfortable as a solo traveling woman. I would say Hondurans were the kindest people I met in Central America, very caring. For my solo itinerary, I was entering by land from Guatemala to Copan Ruinas. I did everything by bus or hitchhiking, it was totally fine. Went to the Bay Islands, specifically Utila for diving. 

  • 3 Nights: Copán Department
  • 18 Nights: Utila
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Copán Department

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The town itself is a cute little place to stay with everything you need and good to get to know the Hondurians. The "tea and chocolate place"  has cacao trees growing in their garden, is very comfortable and serves great drinks. The Mayan ruins were absolutely stunning and even more that there were no other tourists than me! The nature in which they are located is beautiful, it's a peaceful place and you see and hear a lot of "guacamayas", macaws. The area is huge, I explored it in two days and enjoyed a lot to wander around and discover all the temples, tunnels, statues and small details. 

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Utila has been a true paradise. The reefs around the island are breathtakingly beautiful, there are forests of corals and the underwater wildlife is present everywhere. Beaches are great, water is clear, it's like I imagined the Caribbean. There are many diving schools, but I felt absolutely happy and safe with Paradise Divers, I had two very good teachers for my trainings. I made such good friendship there, we ate together, we did trips together... The trip to Sandy Key was the absolute best, it feels almost as if it must have been a dream. I loved to eat the probably freshest fish I ever had! 

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would have liked to have an underwater camera. I would have liked to go to more places in Honduras but didn't have enough time.
  • Restaurant recommendations?

    Mario's place
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Don't rush, take time to stay a bit in paradise
  • Transportation Tips?

    The rooney shuttle company is not really to be recommended. I had an accident going towards Nicaragua with them because the driver was going extremely fast and their mismanagement of the situation caused us even more unnecessary stress after the accident. I never had problems with public transport in Honduras so better take your time to use this and safe the money of a shuttle.
  • Any surprises?

    How nice it is in Honduras!
  • Booking details?

    I always just walk in, it worked everywhere perfectly. Just don't book the Rooney Shuttle. The ferry to and from Utila can be booked online, it's a little cheaper.


  • Hotel Yaxkin Copan. The lady is very sweet and caring, I had a cheap and nice private room, but it's actually a hostel and has dorms.

  • Paradise Divers. It's a diving school including accommodation just on the sea.