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Hiking from hut to hut in a 4-day hike at the picturesque Alps in Switzerland (Kesch-Trek)

Embark on the serene Kesch Trek in Graubünden, Switzerland. 4 days of scenic hikes, alpine huts, and blissful solitude.

  • Kesch-Hütte SAC+ 15
  • Chamanna da Grialetsch CAS
  • Chamanna da Grialetsch CAS
  • Hiking from hut to hut in a 4-day hike at the picturesque Alps in Switzerland (Kesch-Trek)
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EuropeSwitzerland3 days / August 2019

Highs & Lows

abundant nature, rustic hut living, and encounters with delightful locals along the journey.

Occasional rain showers added challenge to our adventure, but couldn't dampen our spirits.

Itinerary Overview

Welcome to the enchanting world of Swiss hiking! I am Nicole, a passionate trekker from Switzerland. Each year, with a group of 5-10 friends, we embark on an unforgettable journey through the Swiss Alps. 2019, we did the Kesch Trek in Graubünden. This trek is a true delight for those accustomed to hiking, demanding only sturdy boots and a nimble step. Amidst pristine nature, we traverse for 4-6 hours daily, surrounded by breathtaking vistas, far from the hustle and bustle of civilization. The solitude of the trail, occasionally interrupted only by the path beneath our feet, offers a sanctuary for the mind. In the embrace of alpine huts, as the sun dips below the horizon, we find solace, a few hours' walk away from the chaos of everyday life. Join us on this journey to serenity amidst the majesty of the Swiss Alps.

  • 1 Night: Chamanna da Grialetsch CAS
  • 1 Night: Kesch-Hütte SAC
  • 1 Night: Chamanna d'Es-cha CAS
  • Day trip: Preda
    Last place, from here we caught the train back to Zurich
Chamanna da Grialetsch CAS - Hiking

Chamanna da Grialetsch CAS Hiking

Chamanna da Grialetsch CAS - Hiking - null
Chamanna da Grialetsch CAS - Hiking - null
Chamanna da Grialetsch CAS - Hiking - null1+

Hiking: +-2.5 hours, +- 5km, from Flüela Hospiz to Grialetschhütte. Hiking wise, this will be a pretty relaxed day compared to the others.

We start our day by getting to the start point. Since we won’t get to the starting point at the end, we’ll take public transport. The starting point is ‘Flüela Ospiz and to reach this point, we get the train to Davos from Zurich in the morning and took the bus from Davos to Flüela. Since this would be a relaxed day, we decided we’ll first have lunch in the restaurant at the starting point and after being well fed, we started our hike. Almost at the beginning, we thought we’d take a shortcut and took a technically more difficult path (a “blue” path, see below). There still was some snow, so if it’s your first time in the Swiss Alps I would recommend to stick to the signs.

After the hike we’ve reached the Grialetschhütte, where we’d sleep for the night. This lovely hut is the most basic and smallest of the whole trek. It does not have a shower, but the owners are very lovely people.

Kesch-Hütte SAC - Hiking

Kesch-Hütte SAC Hiking

Kesch-Hütte SAC - Hiking - null
Kesch-Hütte SAC - Hiking - null
Kesch-Hütte SAC - Hiking - null3+

Hiking: Grialetschhütte – Keschhütte, 4-5 hours, 16km, 1000m). Closer: Lose altitude from Grialetschhütte (2542masl) to Dürrboden (2007masl) – Scaletta Pass (2606masl) – Keschhütte (2625masl).


After enjoying breakfast at Grialetschhütte and grabbing our lunch packs, we set off for Keschhütte around 8 am. It was a tranquil day, surrounded by untouched nature, with scarcely a soul in sight along the trail. The hike lasted around 4-5 hours, breaks notwithstanding. Keschhütte, a relatively modern refuge powered by wind turbines, awaited us. Not having enough electricity because of high previous guest occupancy draining the hot water, we improvised with (let's say a 'refreshing') dip in the mountain lake. Before retiring for the night, we stepped outside to marvel at the star-studded sky.

Chamanna d'Es-cha CAS - Hiking

Chamanna d'Es-cha CAS Hiking

Chamanna d'Es-cha CAS - Hiking - null
Chamanna d'Es-cha CAS - Hiking - null
Chamanna d'Es-cha CAS - Hiking - null1+

Hiking: Kesch-Hütte – Es-Cha-Hütte (4-6h, 14km, 1000m). Closer: Keschhütte 2635masl – Alp digl Chants 1999mabsl – Val plazbi – Furocla Pischa 2871mabsl – Es-Cha-hütte (2594mabsl).


Leaving the hut, we embarked on a hike around the formidable Piz Kesch, a mountain still on my bucket list due to its technical challenges. Opting for a longer route, we circumvented it, savoring every kilometer. Upon reaching our final night's cabin, we discovered a linguistic shift from Swiss German to Romansh.

Preda - Last place, from here we caught the train back to Zurich

Preda Last place, from here we caught the train back to Zurich

Preda - Last place, from here we caught the train back to Zurich - null
Preda - Last place, from here we caught the train back to Zurich - null
Preda - Last place, from here we caught the train back to Zurich - null1+

Hiking: Es-cha-Hütte to Bergün (5-6h, 30km, 350m). We decided to make this hike a bite shorter and stopped in Preda to make it back to Zurich in time for dinner.


Q & A

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Someone of the group got sick after the first hut (unrelated to the hike itself) and had to go down after the second night. The host of the second hut helped us make the arrangements to walk down to the nearest village.
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    - We did the hike in August 2019 and back then, we’ve had spotty reception during the hike and sometimes at the huts – but better to plan as if you’ll never have it. - If you google Kesch-Trek you will find other reports. One is the official one here: https://www.berguen-filisur.graubuenden.ch/de/touren/kesch-trek-viertaegige-huettentour-4-etappen - Have a contingency plan ready if there's stormy weather. - Don't do the hike too early in the year (I'd say after June) or inform yourself if there was a lot of snowfall the previous winter. - Hut live: The huts are very basic, but they offer a 3 or 4 course meal (with soup/salad/main dish and some dessert) and in the morning you have a basic breakfast buffet with bread/cereals. They usually still serve meat for dinner, so let them now beforehand if you are vegetarian. A night with dinner/breakfast costs around 80-90 francs typically and because sometimes you don't have reliable phone reception, you usually pay cash. You can also buy stuff yourself (e.g. redwine/sodas/snacks). If you want, you can buy a lunch box if you ask them the day you arrive for around 12-13 francs, so you don't have to bring all the lunches from the beginning.
  • Packing tips?

    Since you have to carry everything you pack all the time, I tried to bring the minimum. o Backpack (I’d say at least 35liter) o Long hiking pants – depending on the season also short hiking pants o Trousers for the evening and for sleeping. (The trousers for sleeping I could’ve used for hiking as well if the trousers from the day before were still wet). o 2 Shirts for hiking o Shirt and jacket for evening / to sleep o Rain coat o 2x hiking socks (if one pair gets wet) o 1x socks for sleeping o Underwear for 4 days o Small towel o Hiking boots o Flipflops / House Shoes (also for the shower) o silk sleeping bag for within the huts (the beds won’t be cleaned every day, but will have some blankets) o Hat o Sunscreen o Sun glasses o Toiletry bag (brush, etc. Better to pack naturally degradable shampoo/shower gel, so you could use it in a lake) o Pocket knife o Tissues o 2-3 Liter of water in refillable bottle / Camelback o Snacks for 4 days o Dry Bag (put your spare clothes in it during the hike) o Rain cover for the backpack o Cell phone & charging devices o Cash (to be safe, I usually take 400-500 Franks for accommodation/food, lunch packages, an occasional glass of wine) o Head lamp o Insurance card / ID o Plastic bag for dirty clothes Once per group for emergencys /miscallenous use: o Lighter o Rope, small carabiners (e.g. to hang your clothes in your room if it gets wet during the day) - First Aid Kid - naturally degradable toilet pape Optional: o Bathing suit o Hiking polls o Oropax o Blinds o Insect Repellent o Blister plaster o Water filter o Book/e-reader o Photo camera o Binoculars o Small board games o Battery to charge your phone
  • Transportation Tips?

    - Use train/bus system to get to initial and end point.
  • Booking details?

    Book the huts in advance via the official SAC portal (https://www.sac-cas.ch/de/die-alpen/100-sac-huetten-online-reservieren-33933/). Reserve the huts a couple of months before, especially if you plan on doing it on a weekend. If one hut is fully booked, you'll have to rearrange your whole trip because there is no alternative.