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Greece holiday

I’ve travelled to Greece to see my girlfriend for two weeks in Athens

by adambal84About Me:I’m Adam , originally from Turkey but lived in the UK last 22 years and moving to Athens, Greece read more

EuropeGreece2 days / May 2022

Highs & Lows

Marina Zeas in Praeus and Lycabbettus hill is must to see

The traffic is a chaos

Itinerary Overview

 I’ve travelled to Greece from the UK to see my girlfriend as she lives in Athens .  
 I’ve arrived quite late at night as my flight was delayed,  I had no problems going through the customs . Even though it was late in the night as soon as I’ve come out of the airport i could feel the hot weather it was like walking into a oven , every one  who visited UK must know it’s pretty cold and miserable so you can imagine how nice it was walking out to nice warm weather.

 During my stay my girlfriend show me around the city , it’s a very large  crowded city , I wasn’t really fan of the traffic but  once you arrived to your location it’s worth the hustle, they have so many  nice shops , tavernas with people sitting outside eating and drinking, live traditional music every where also there are lots of old structures left from ancient times. 
 Also I couldn’t believe that people were going out around 10-11 pm to have a drink and something to eat .  People are very friendly and helpful, the service is excellent in the tavernas , you can sit and eat or just enjoy drink , there is no rush you can stay all night eating and drinking. 



  • 1 Night: Mount Lycabettus
    See my girlfriend/holiday
  • 1 Night: Piraeus Harbour

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    Stayed longer

  • How was the food?

    I would recommend to go for smaller , local restaurants rather than the ones in main city.

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Try local mezes

  • Transportation Tips?

    Walk if you can or taxi

  • Any surprises?

    Only surprise for me was swing a hairdresser open at 12 o’clock midnight

  • Booking details?

    Booked direct


  • We went for a walk in Preaus along the coast where my girlfriends dad used to take her when she was little , lovely long walk by the beach and perfect place to see the sunset . There were plenty of restaurants and bar along the beach , there were even basketball courts and tennis courts on the beach full of kids/ adults enjoying playing a game . There were some people just sat on the rocks having a beer watching sunset. We walked around 40 minutes then we reached the Marina Zeas . OMG I couldn’t believe my eyes the amount of luxury yachts and nice bar/restaurants, at the end of the walk we sat down in a nice restaurant with outside swimming pool and view of the marina . I couldn’t believe how reasonable the prices were considering having the view and the food tasted so good , the staff also very friendly .