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Trip Report

From empanadas salteñas to balancing on a highline - 4 seasons in Salta, Argentina

My trip was in Salta, northern Argentina. A province where all year round one can hike, climb, practice highline, search for rivers and waterfalls, meet friendly travellers and try out local wine.

by isadora41748About Me:I'm a Brazilian who is passionate about backpacking through South America. I love travelling alone, getting to know other travellers and growing by exploring new places with new friends. read more

South AmericaArgentina364 days / January - February - March - April - May - June - July - August - September - October - November - December 2020

Highs & Lows

Climbing at the Laguna de Brealito and going on a highline for the first time were by far my favorite activities in Salta.

Very hot and dry summers. Important to always have water, a hat and enjoy the "ciestas" under a tranquil tree.

Itinerary Overview

I arrived in Salta, got a bus to Vaqueros which is near the center of Salta and explored the area for a couple of days. 

I got a bus to Cafayate and would explore other places nearby hitchhiking. I visited the Anfiteatro at the Quebrada de las Conchas, the Garganta del Diablo also in the Quebrada and did lots of hiking in the mountains of the Quebrada. We visited the Anfiteatro and the Garganta del Diablo both during the day and at night, to admire the shooting stars and the milky way galaxy. In this Quebrada, I camped with some friends who I had met at the square in Cafayate and we did some volunteer work at a vegetable garden in exchange of camping at this lady's piece of land. By meeting the people who actually lived in the Quebrada, we were able to visit a beautiful and quite hidden waterfall. 

In Cafayate I went to the "7 waterfalls" where I could enjoy the refreshment of water, being in a region that hardly rains, and also appreciate beautiful starry skies and see some of the milky way galaxy! 

I hiked to the Cerro de la Cruz in Cafayate and camped there a few times. There's no water and food up there so we had to take lots and lots of water because it's extremely dry. Up in this Cerro was where I had the opportunity to experience my first highline. A unique sensation in which only trying it out one can actually understand the adrenaline and admiration for life that is experienced.

In Cafayate I also went to El Divisadero, where there are lots of climbing opportunities. This place provides a beautiful view of the valley and a friendly connection with the local community.

With my climbing friends, we went to the Laguna de Brealito, also in the province of Salta, where we could bathe in a gorgeous lagoon, explore waterfalls, hike and do lots of climbing. 

  • 354 Nights: Cafayate
    Visiting family and exploring the region: hiking, climbing, winery tours, photography, making friends, learning Spanish.
  • 9 Nights: Laguna del Brealito
  • 1 Night: Vaqueros
    Exploring the town

Q & A

  • How was the food?

    Try out the empanadas salteñas from La Casa de las Empanadas in Cafayate, Salta.

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Be open to meeting people at the main squares. The squares are ususally the center of small towns, where there are lots of people gathered, music, dancing, sports and food around. Don't be shy in approaching others and making new friends. Lots of great adventures can come from a friendly "Hello".

  • Transportation Tips?

    Hitchhiking is fairly easy in Argentina and a good opportunity to get to know people and get insights on places to visit.