Trip Report


Trip Report

France - between mountains and at the sea

A trip by train through France. A great country for good food and beautiful nature.

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France26 days / February - March 2019

Highs & Lows

The stunning view at the mountains and the sea!

Problems with AirBnB (nothing to do with the city itself)

Itinerary Overview

I visited a friend who did a semester abroad. I visited him with other friends in January and we stayed at an AirBnB. It`s a lovely small city where you can do skiing, walk next to the river, hike in the mountains or just sit in a cafe and enjoy the view. The city has a great french charm. In the morning we got our bread at a boulangerie (bakery). It's always great.  For two days we were skiing in the mountains - we had a lot of fun and could enjoy the incredible view. You don't need your own ski-clothes, you can borrow them for a daily fee.  Another day we just drove to a mall and did some shopping (It's a good place to do that). 


The next stop was Marseille. I visited my sister and nephew. I have been there a couple times and it never got boring. Marseille has a lot to offer: You can visit Notre-Dame de la Garde (best during sunset), Vieux Port (the old port), the Mucem, Fort Saint Jean, Palais Longchamp, ...

Or if you want to get out of the city center, you can take a bus to the Calanques. It is stunning! You can hike there and in summer it is perfect to go for a swim.

Another option is to take a boat to get to a close island. There are some very pretty ones!

Marseille has a great nightlife too. But you should always take care of your stuff and it's best when you are not on your own! 


My last stop was Bandol. It is not far away from Marseille. I prefer spring time there because during summer it's a lot going on. It's a great place to just sit next to the port in a small bar and drink a cocktail during the day. 

Besides that you can do lovely hikes in the nature. The view at the sea is just beautiful.

If you want to get some tan or go for a swim you can visit a nice beach. It's best during summer time because it is not warm enough at the spring time.

As a day trip you could take a boat to one of the islands who are not far away. If it's not the time for tourists you should take some food or snacks because often the restaurants are closed then.



  • 7 Nights: Grenoble
    I visited a friend who did a semester abroad
  • 10 Nights: Marseille
    visiting my sister and nephew
  • 9 Nights: Bandol
    My grandma has an apartment there

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    Next time I would like to visit more places and try more new restaurants.

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    The AirBnB in Grenoble was stunning but sadly it wasn't possible to find the key at the first night (because they forgot to put it somewhere), so we had to stayed in a hotel for one night and had to pay for it by ourselves.

  • How was the food?

    Grenoble: Ontario (canadian) - dish: poutine, Chez Marius (classic french), Namastay (great indian food) Marseille: Izmir (next to main train station: Saint-Charles)

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    learn some french sentences (people in France are not good in english!)

  • Packing tips?

    You need warm clothes during winter. It's really cold!

  • Transportation Tips?

    Grenoble: You can just use the public transport. The tram is very convenient and is driving frequently. Marseille: take the subway or the bus Grenoble: You should be able to reach every place by foot


  • at my friends place and at an AirBnb - The AirBnB was stunning but sadly it wasn't possible to find the key at the first night (because they forgot to put it somewhere), so we had to stayed in a hotel for one night and had to pay for it by ourselves.