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Five days in Istanbul

Five Delicious days with me in an amazing capital of Turkey

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  • eating best Doner in the street
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  • Five days in Istanbul
nati meir
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EuropeTurkey8 days / October 2020

Highs & Lows

Wonder around, eat amazingly cheap and tasty street foo, breath sea breaze and enjoy the bueaty

It is hard for a single guy to enter clubs

Itinerary Overview

I had one week between jobs, and in a minute I jumped on a plane and hit Turkey. 

I stayed at Musa's house, he was a wonderful host that I found on AIRBNB, a super cool guy that  made me feel at home, and we became close friends.

I didn't make a lot of plans for this trip: every morning I went to the coffee house and drank nice Turkish tea. After that, I looked for some nice places to see in the city and started walking towards them. 

Istanbul is so pretty, that I just strolled, looking, eating street food, stopping for coffee, changing my route twice a day, chatting with random people, picturing, writing my thoughts, and taking a good look at one of the most beautiful cities that I ever saw.

Every afternoon, I was coming back to Musa's apartment and chilled with him. At the night I went out dancing, Istanbul has rich nightlife, but the really cool parties are a bit of a secret so open your eyes and get friendly with the Turkish cool kids :)


  • 4 Nights: İstanbul
  • 4 Nights: Tak-ı Zafer Cd.
İstanbul - vacation



İstanbul - vacation - eating best Doner in the street
eating best Doner in the street
İstanbul - vacation - istanbul sunset with great local tea
istanbul sunset with great local tea
İstanbul - vacation - null1+

In this place we had the privilege of staying in a great place, fascinated by the architecture and all culture, having the honor of staying in a mosque was really unique. This type of infrastructure is an incredible work of art, I was very inspired by the robust forms that surrounded us and the way in which each space you looked at dazzled you.


It is a space that lends itself to spirituality, I had the opportunity to meditate there and I really felt the spiritual connections that were invested in this place, it was a great experience


  The way to the mosque is full of beautiful and exciting views, such as the bay and the canal that connects Istanbul with the Mediterranean Sea.


Along the way you can find a lot of street food, the one I like the most are the oysters, they sell them everywhere and they are cheap and delicious!

Tak-ı Zafer Cd. - Tourism

Tak-ı Zafer Cd.


Tak-ı Zafer Cd. - Tourism - null
Tak-ı Zafer Cd. - Tourism - null
Tak-ı Zafer Cd. - Tourism - null1+

Taxim square is a large and colorful square, an impressive place and an excellent location for gastronomic explorers, there are dishes of all kinds and also at very good prices. In the square, there are about 12 DONER stores, serving the most famous Turkish delight, it is definitely a must


I was also able to find wonderful clothes and souvenirs, all at a great price.


At night there was music everywhere and a special atmosphere to sit down and enjoy a good wine or spend some time with friends.


It really seemed like an unmissable place and also with a variety of options and prices for all tastes.


From the square you go down one of the streets that every visitor to Istanbul must walk, full of restaurants and cafes.


Another amazing place is the grand bazaar in Istanbul, which is a giant market where you can find everything, especially Turkish sweets called RAHAT LOCUM and fresh spices from the Middle East.

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would stay in a hostel to meet other travellers.

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Nope, it's was really nice and chill.

  • Restaurant recommendations?

    Every doner shop on the street

  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Be aware with any kind of smoking weed and drinking, the Turkish anti-drugs policy is very strict.

  • Packing tips?

    Come with a little backpack instead of a suitcase, for 5 days you really don't need a lot.

  • Transportation Tips?

    There is pretty good and easy metro system in Istanbul

  • Any surprises?


  • Booking details?