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Trip Report

Female Solo Backpacking in Peru

Incredible time spent in Peru getting to know the culture and people along the way

by willowAbout Me:i’m an 18 year old who grew up traveling and just recently started backpacking solo in south america after graduating high school. i’m a super creative person and love to try new things and get out of my comfort zone read more

South AmericaPeru16 days / February - March 2022

Highs & Lows

Lares trek to Machu Pichu

Getting a parasite:((

Itinerary Overview

I spent two months in Peru, one of which was stationary doing a workaway in Trujillo at a school called Hilo Rojo. Which I highly recommend, it was such an incredible opportunity to build a community and stay put somewhere for an extended period of time. Both my stationary and nomadic time was incredible. I feel like I really got a feel fo the people and culture due to how long I was able to stay in the same country. Peru is a medium sized country and so I felt like one month if active exploring was nearly enough, maybe two more weeks would have been appreciated so that I could explore the North or maybe the Amazon but I did feel like one month of exploration was a good start for sure. I started in the middle of the country (Huaraz) and worked my way down! 

  • 8 Nights: Huaraz
    Hiking in the Mountains and Enjoying Nature
  • 2 Nights: Paracas
    poor mans Galapagos
  • 6 Nights: Arequipa
    Beautiful City

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would not have gone to Huaraz in the rainy season

  • Transportation Tips?

    I definitely recommend traveling with collectivos. Basically big vans with someone sticking their head out the window and shouting the direction they’re going. It’s a great way to save money and spend time with locals

  • Any surprises?

    I was not expecting the cold in Huaraz at all. Be prepared!!


  • Hostel Climbing Point

  • a hotel on the beach

  • Arequipay Backpackets Hostel. Cool vibe, free breakfast, great location, however the people in my dorm were always asleep by 9 pm and upset when others came in at 10 and were making any sort of small noise (maybe just the people in my room and not the hostel)