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Trip Report

Exploring Oaxaca in Mexico

Getting to know Oaxacas diversity - beaches, mountains, cities

by liakl_About Me:I am a 25 year old, female solo traveler. I like to travel around the world, especially in Latin America. I try to take my time while getting to know places and also explore stuff beside the well known tourist paths. read more

North AmericaMexico7 days / June 2022

Highs & Lows

Magical atmosphere in San Jose del Pacifico

It can get very cold in the nights in the mountains, don't forget your sweater!

Itinerary Overview

I started my trip in the Mexican state Oaxaca at the coast in Zipolite, which is famous for the only nudist beach in Mexico. After I went to Mazunte, Puerto Escondido and Chacahua, which are all relatively close to each other. After the awesome beach time I traveled from Puerto Escondido to San Jose del Pacifico (the road is veeery curvy, so sickness pills come handy) and from there to Oaxaca City. All wonderful places with their own charme and even though they are touristy, this region is less crowded and americanized than places like Cancun or Tulum. Mexico is such a diverse country and only staying in Oaxaca already shows you all kind of different facetes regarding food, people and landscape. Except at night in Oaxaca City, I never felt unsafe, and you can travel there without problems as a woman. I did not really take part in the nightlife, but I know that a lot of other travelers went out to the big variety of nightclubs and bars.

  • Day trip: San jose del pacifico
    Magical forest vibes
  • 7 Nights: Oaxaca
    Food and people

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    Spend more time in San Jose del Pacifico to get more in touch with nature and use the possibility to do a hike.

  • How was the food?

    Check out the food areas in the local Mercados

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Do not walk alone or in small groups at night in Oaxaca City, robberiers are quite common.

  • Transportation Tips?

    On your way into and out of the mountains, try to sit in front and take some travel medicine with you in case you feel sick.

  • Any surprises?

    After spending weeks on the coast, the different climate up in the mountains took me by surprise and it was a bit hard to adjust.

  • Booking details?

    Everything was booked via booking and hostelworld - you can save booking fees if you reach out to the places via WhatsApp.


  • Ticuchi Hostel. Social and spacious hostel in the centre of Oaxaca City. Comes with pool and big kitchen which makes cooking fun.