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Enjoying time in Iran

I love visiting Iran and each time I go there’s always something new for me to do or try.

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AsiaIran1 day / August 2014

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Street food

Cultural issues

Itinerary Overview

Iran is such a fun destination with a wide variety of different activities and sights to see. Iran’s geographical diversity is a lot more diverse than some would assume, and that’s what makes Iran such a fun destination to adventure.

The most recent time I visited Iran was back in 2017 I stayed with my family in Tehran for about three weeks. There are hostels and hotels in the city but I can’t provide any with experience

Even if it can be so different from my culture, I love the fact of just learning new staff and seeing the world from another point of view.


If you travel with your eyes and heart open, you definitely will love this experience.

  • Day trip: Milad Tower
  • Day trip: Ali-Sadr Cave
    Exploring the places

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    If there’s one thing I wish I changed while I was in Iran I would have probably spent more time with the locals and especially the children and teens. At the time I visited I was only 14 but I remember seeing other local town and city children of Iran playing in the streets or getting ice cream or walking around playing soccer and I always had a wish I had went up to them and talk to them. I think it’s important wherever you go to engage with the people of that country it’s nice to know people from different areas of the world and how they live. The people of Iran are also very kind and I’d like to get to know them some more!...Read More

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    One time when I was shopping in the bazaar with my family me and my sister and I were speaking English to each other and were unaware that some of the shop owners could hear us and my mom told us to stop speaking English. This is because sometimes when it is known your foreigner they will try to raise the prices of certain goods. So be sure to keep it on the down low unless you’re fluent or can speak a little Farsi.

  • How was the food?

    If you’re in Tehran and you want a great cultural immersion and experience while eating delicious food go check out Koohpaye restaurant . Koohpaye restaurant is in the mountain side of iran and it’s super fun eating there , you get to sit and eat Iranian style on very nice comfortable cushions and coming into the restaurant you get a nice view and idea of Iranian fast pace working life. The food is delicious and of course you can have some tea and hookah at the end of your dinner. Another super cool thing to see is watching the waiters run quickly up the steep stairs in the restaurant to deliver you food I think it’s really cool especially when they’re handling a tray of tea...Read More

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    I think this is quite a universal tip but it’s important to probably learn a little Farsi before entering the Farsi speaking country. Lots of locals know English yet on the other hand lots of locals know little to zero English so learning a few basic words to help you get around is probably a smart move.

  • Packing tips?

    For packing as I have explained before Iran is a geographical diverse nation with lots of different weather that changes also. So depending on where you’re going and when you’re going you can plan your clothes accordingly. I will say that in the hotter seasons it’s better for women who have to wear a chador (head cover) to wear lighter and thinner cool clothing so that they don’t get really hot. Also it’s a good idea to pack an extra chador (head covering) in case one gets lost or dirty

  • Transportation Tips?

    Depending on where you’re traveling any run some places have multiple different ways of transportation. In Tehran I know there is a metro subway system, a bus route , taxis and I’m pretty sure there is also Uber or some sort of online Uber like app but don’t quote me on that. In Shiraz another city of Iran there’s not a metro system but there are buses and taxis. I am not too sure about everywhere else in Iran I’m sure there is someway getting around maybe if you’re lucky you can ride a camel to get to the pharmacy

  • Any surprises?

    There is nothing I was too shocked about but just overall mainly being in a country where the culture is so different from America is just a great experience and keeps you very open minded

  • Booking details?

    Although I stayed in my families homes during my trip to Iran there are places to stay such as hotels in hostels that you can find in Iran Overall I love visiting Iran and each time I go there’s always something new for me to do or try. every time I go to iran I feel a huge loving vibration along with lots of excitement for the views that I get to see