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Cuba Travel Itinerary

Travel to Cuba itinerary 3 weeks to discover this beautiful country and its breathtaking landscapes. Let's go on an adventure together!

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About Me:Hello everyone, I'm Célia, a french girl working in the food industry since many year. I love wine and cheese :) I love adventure, meet new people, discover new cultures, and above all, the quest for freedom. My wish for this long-term... read more

North AmericaCuba13 days / January 2018

Highs & Lows

I'm not ready to forget the richness of the landscapes and the kindness of Cubans

Tourist currency really makes you feel like a tourist

Itinerary Overview

My first big trip of 3 week in backpack to explore this island which has the reputation of being lulled by music, the sea and the kindness of Cubans.
It is truly an island of contrast where, unfortunately, inequalities are present. Tourism is the main source of income for Cubans, so Cubans can sometimes be oppressive with tourists. 

During 3 week, it was too short to visit all the Island so we had to make choice ! We decided to don't go in the south-east of Cuba. Being in a rush to travel is not a pleasure, I love to take time.

If you have 3 weeks, I would advice you to go :

La Havane 



Villa Clara




We avoided the skip Varadero, too touristic even if the beaches seems very beautiful.

Despite everything, there is a very good atmosphere on this island where the smile is present on every face.

Gran enamoramiento de los cubanos, su amabilidad, su forma de vida, su sonrisa y la música! 




  • 3 Nights: Havana
  • 5 Nights: Trinidad
  • 5 Nights: Vinales
Havana - null


Havana - null - null
Havana - null - null
Havana - null - null1+

La Havana

First stop in Havana, the capital of Cuba. The first impression is quite striking, everything is in ruins! I did not expect that .. So yes it has its charm but it's sad to say that Cubans live in these conditions. Lots of stray cats in the streets and especially music everywhere!


I arrived by night to the AirBnb which was located in La Habana Vieja, which is the historic city center. I chose to stay at an AirBnb which because it was cheaper and spacier than staying at one of the hotels. For the rest of the travel, I used "Casa particular" to avoid using Airbnb and the hight commission.


It's very used by Cubans to host tourists, it's a way of helping them!


There are different possibililities of transportation to explore the city but I recommend to do it by foot, it's very safe.. A number of cool bars and cafes give it an even more social buzz in the evening.



Trinidad - null


Trinidad - null - null
Trinidad - null - null
Trinidad - null - null1+


What a pleasure to arrive in a city with so many colors! Time seems to have stop. Once again, the music is everywhere, horses, artists in the street and a wonderful place in the heart of the historic center : the Plaza Mayor.

In my opinion, Trinidad is one of the most beautiful and authentic colonial towns of Cuba, the city has been declared Patrimoine Mondial de l'Humanité by UNESCO in 1988.

What I would remember:

its narrow cobbled streets, its beautiful restored buildings, its majestic churches and its splendid courtyards, which give it that typically colonial atmosphere.

It's the city were I felt the most the authentic Cuban atmosphere. 

Just of Plaza Mayor is the Museo Historico Municipal is Trinidads main museum which is definitely worth a visit. Again I stayed at a casa particular but Trinidad also offers a wide range of hotels where you can stay.

Not too far, you have Playa Ancon who is not too touristic.





Vinales - null


Vinales - null - null
Vinales - null - null
Vinales - null - null1+


A real "coup de coeur"  for Viñales, the opposite of the vibrant but loud capital. If you want to rest, dive deep into nature and to escape in the most beautiful landscapes of Cuba, you choose the good destination !

Viñales is located in the Parque Nacional de Viñales and it was ne of the most fascinating places in all of Cuba.

The Valle de Vinales is amazing,  you can find mainly finca of coffee and cigarios. 

The city has architectural remains from the colonial era which, together with the environmental values, make Viñales a place of great beauty.

Once again, the main form of accommodation is staying at a casa particular. You can chose to get a fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on what your plans are. The quality of the food was amazing!

It is therefore not surprising that it has been declared a national monument since 1979. The atmosphere is very warm and quiet, which is idyllic to enjoy a few days of relaxation and reflection in contact with nature, with many possibilities for outdoor activities such as climbing, horse riding, etc. .


Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    Don't make too much plan regarding the booking of your Casa Particular because you will always get a contact from the previous casa
  • Restaurant recommendations?

    Cuba is not known for his gastronomy but you can always find something ;)
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    If you are a girl, be careful because the Cubans can be oppressive, they like to flirt with tourists
  • Transportation Tips?

    Bus or Taxi (always negotiate)
  • Any surprises?

    Cuba has 2 different money (one for tourist and one for locals) ! So don't be surprise if you pay more for some things