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Corsica, french island paradise

Corsica is a french pride, located south of Marseille, this little island is pure beauty. We had a sunny family sports trip, before Christmas time!

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EuropeFrance3 days / November 2018

Highs & Lows

Without a daubt, swimming in cristal clear 22 degres water, two weeks before christmas

Too short! Could have stayed a week longer

Itinerary Overview

Corsica is one of my favorite travel memories. I went there a few  times, never on the same period, and enjoyed the most, off-season just before Christmas. With my sister and dad, we were looking for catching some sun before entering the long french winter season. 

End of November, 25 degrees, hiking in light T-Shirt and enjoyed the stunning nature, sounds impossible for Europe. Then you don't know the french island Corsica. Corsica is well known by french people for its small idyllic beaches and its warm Mediterranean climate, but it is world-famous for its GR20 hike, one of the most beautiful and the most challenging hikes in Europe. 

Corsica has different landscapes, beaches to mountains, wide plains to almost small deserts, if you like to hike Corsica has many facets to discover. 

During this trip, we decided to start north, in the region of 'Le cap Corse' next to the main city Bastia. Le Cap Corse is less touristic than the south during summer, you will discover wild nature and almost untouched beaches. We stayed the first four nights in a lovely typical guest room 'Ferme Campo Di Monte', where you will have an amazing 360 view of the mountain chain and west sea cost. Sunsets and sunrises are really special in this space. Furthermore, this place offers amazing food services and great hiking tips. We really enjoyed our time there, we were the only guests. Corsica is buzzing in the summer, but a really quiet place in the off-season. We hiked a lot in this region, followed the customs officer path, did a part of the famous GR20. In the end a great mix between hiking next to the sea and lost in the challenging mountains. 

The next stop was an all-time highlight. We planned a diving session in the Scandola natural reserve. This is a must if you are into diving or even scuba diving. One of the most protected water natural reserves in Europe. If you are lucky you will see rare species living in an incomparable ecosystem.  Located on the west coast of Corsica, and next to another amazing place, Les Calanques de Pina, where you will find one the most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean Sea. Scandola can be reached only by boat for a day trip, this area is well protected by a few animal associations, and it is one of the reasons why this place is so amazing. It was for us the perfect day, sun/boat tour, and wildlife. What else?

The last stop was the typical lazy end of sports holidays, the Lavezzi island! Famous islands on the south coast of Corsica, Island Lavezzi are close to the Italian island Sardinia, it is perfect for a boat day trip. We rented a boat and spent the sunny day swimming in crystal clear water and making Italian friends. 

  • 3 Nights: le cap
    A friend of our recommend highly this place fir its location, and for its local food
  • Day trip: Reserve Naturelle de Scandola
    beach, food, party
  • Day trip: Porragia Island
    beach time

Q & A

  • How was the food?

    Food is not a big thing in Corsica, you will find a lot of touristic places with average food for an expensive price. There are a bunch of hidden food spots, one of them is "ferme campo di monte", in north Corsica.

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Corsica is world known for its hikes, so be prepared to take good equipment to discover the beautiful nature. Corsica is much more than crystal clear waters, the real beauty is to cool down in the mountains and have a beautiful view on the sea1

  • Packing tips?

    sun block

  • Transportation Tips?

    So you have two main options to go to Corsica, per boat from Marseille or some Italian cities, or per plan. I recommend taking the ferry in Marseille, the journey until the island is so beautiful.