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Camping in the north of Israel

the north of Israel in the upper Galilee and the Golan heights is like a middle eastern paradise. a land rich with rivers, history and interesting culture.

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AsiaIsrael2 days / August 2018

Highs & Lows

tubes trip down the dan river

most have a car

Itinerary Overview

The north of Israel in the upper Galilee and the Golan hights is like a middle eastern paradise. a land rich with rivers, history and interesting culture.
3 hours drive north from tel aviv brought us “Kibbutz Dafna" which is divided by the crystal clear dan river. the kibbutz is extremely lush and beautiful. we swam in the rivers freezing water and chilled and played freebie on it’s grassy shores. we had lunch in  “Dag al Hadan” a famous nearby fresh fish restaurant.from there we took the curvy road going up not the Golan hights until we’ve reached “Kalat Namrood” or Namrud fortress, an 800 years old fortress with plenty of stories of conquests and bravery. the fortress is beautiful and very interesting. you can spend 2-3 hours there and it’s a perfect spot for a picnic.you can buy some food from sellers along the road on the way there. 
from there we went back the same way we came and finished our day at “Hurshat Tal Natural Reserve" for a night camping. a very nice park with plenty of trees, rivers and natural pools.


DAY 2:

we started our day in this beautiful natural reserve where we’ve spent the night. making our own late breakfast on our camping stove and enjoying the different water attractions. at about 11am we went to the near by kibbutz Hagoshrim (walking distance) and went on a tube adventure down the river. the tube can be rented on the adventure base which along the main road and very easy to find due to the big sign. part of the service includes a pickup truck that drives you up the river to the point where you start, a big tube and a life vast. if you bring a phone or a camera, make sure it’s very well packed and water proof since you will be soaking wet. this all family suitable adventure is so fun. flowing down stream on your tub you can appreciate nature’s phase. and get the right combination of relaxation and adrenaline. we finished back at the adventure base soaking wet , 2 hours later. we headed back to our stuff in hurshat tal and ate a dissent falafel on the gas station on the way back to the camping.

In the evening we went for pizza and drinks in kibbutz hagoshrim “Darma Bar” which was really straight forward with a nice and young vibes.

  • 2 Nights: Israel
    nature escape, river vacation, old ruins

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    i wish i'd had more time for travel

  • How was the food?

    dag al hadan

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    bring camping and cooking gear

  • Packing tips?

    can be a bit chilli during the night even in the summer

  • Transportation Tips?

    rent a car