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Berlin tips from a local - Summer in Berlin is a vibe!

Berlin summer is something you need to experience! With all our different neighbourhoods there is something to explore everyday. Keep reading & I promise you will have a one in a lifetime experience.

by franziAbout Me:Hey I'm Franzi and 22 years old. I am from Berlin, Germany. I absolutely fell in love with traveling, getting to know other cultures & people from all over the world during my exchange year in Michigan back in 2016. Since then I have been ... read more

EuropeGermany8 days / June - July - August 2022

Highs & Lows

Berlin & its vibe, streetfood & parks are not to be missed! Berlin is very open-minded so it's very easy to make new friends.

You get sore from walking around all day. So be prepared! Is that so bad though?

Itinerary Overview

Berlin is a multi-cultural city. Berlin offers so many things to do like museums, Zoos,  events, parks, bathing facilities, shopping centers, thrift stores, markets, and and and. You can just type into google "Berlin heute (today)" and it will show you current events. You can reach everything very well with public transport (check out the questions at the end). Keep in mind that most stores are closed on Sundays so if you need groceries or medicine you should take care of that ahead of time. Some locations that are a definitely worth a visit and close to Berlin are: Brandenburg (has lots of lakes & nature), the baltic see (also possible to reach by train), tropical island (Indoor waterpark with a wild water slide outside). 

  • 5 Nights: Pankow
    Nothing but good vibes!
  • 3 Nights: Baltic Sea
    Short trip to the baltic sea.

Q & A

  • How was the food?

    - Check out Simon-Dach-Straße/Boxhagener Platz in Berlin. You will find plenty of restaurant-/baroptions there. - Also check out Treptower Park/Insel der Jugend. Over there you will find streetfood and can enjoy your meal while sitting at the river Spree. - If you are craving a Burger definitely go to Burgermeister at Schlesisches Tor (U-bahn trainstation). While you there take your time to explore the neighbourhood Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. You will love it! - Happy hour & you have a tight budget? I got ya! Que pasa is a mexican restaurant and offers cocktails for only 4€. They have multiple locations so just open up google maps and see where the closest one is at. - final tip: grab a beer at one of our Spätis (kiosks) and explore by foot in the neighbourhood of your choice which restaurant looks appealing to you! :)...Read More

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Do not pay for tours & explore by yourself or with friends. My top 3 tips: 1. Download bumble friends, create a profile and look for people who are either from Berlin or are just like you & want to go on exploring tour. 2. Use couchsurfing and stay at apartments with locals. 3. Go out to a Kneipe (Bar) & get in touch with locals. Almost everyone speaks English so it's super easy to get in touch.

  • Packing tips?

    Definitely bring a fanny pack with you. Whether you are busy with sightseeing or you go out to a club it will come in handy! Also leave the high heels at home. In Berlin we are chill so sneakers in the club are totally welcome!

  • Transportation Tips?

    - one of the first things you should do is to download the BVG-App which shows you all the connections with public transportation. Just type in your start Bus/Train stop and destination & it will show you the fastest way. - partied all night and now you are to tired to use public transport? Download Bolt. It's like uber but cheaper. - E-Scooter also come in handy. Download Lime; Tier (safest but most expensive) or Bolt;Voi (cheapest). Just make sure you drive safe and don't get in the way of cars. - final tip: please if you use the escalator make sure to stand on the right so people who are in a hurry can pass by you. That way you won't get yelled at by Berliners! :)...Read More