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Argentina and Torres del Paine 2020

I went to Argentina just before Covid started. I planned to travel for six months, but unfortunately I traveled only for six weeks. However, these six weeks were absolutely amazing

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South AmericaArgentina, Chile14 days / February - March 2020

Highs & Lows


Going back because of COVID-19

Itinerary Overview

I started my trip at Dusseldorf Germany airport, as I was visiting a couple of familiaries there. From here I flew to Buenos Aires where my trip began. I found it fascinating to arrive in the Argentine capital because I had heard very good things about it and they told me that the weather would be fantastic. Also, Buenos Aires is almost the central point of everything there is to know, or it is the easiest place to get transportation to other places. I was very excited about this trip and for this reason I planned it very well, I wanted to get the most out of my stay in the country and discover this wonderful country from end to end.


So, I was in the following places, which are organized in order, it seemed appropriate to do the tour in this way because I did not have to go so far and rather all were close to the previous point and thus take advantage of time and money


Buenos Aires


A small part in Chile to walk to the Torres del Paine

Puerto Natales

El Calafate

El Chalten

The Baggins





  • 6 Nights: Buenos Aires
  • 8 Nights: Puerto Natales
    Hiking the W-track in Torres del Paine

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I wouldn't stay too long in Puerto Natales.

  • How was the food?

    There are some restaurants at some campings of Torres del Paine, but I do recommend to bring your own food. It is much cheaper and you have the full experience!

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    I did glamping in the Torres del Paine part (even slept in a real bed one day), but I would recommend to bring your own tent to the park for the full experience. Also, to really go to the Torres del Paine, the last hike of the W-track, I started walking around 1.30 AM, to watch the sunrise. It was stunning!

  • Packing tips?

    Light packing for the hike! My tip is all the stuff you don't need, please store them at a hostel or so!

  • Transportation Tips?

    Flying from Buenos Aires to Ushuia is recommended, but if you have really a lot of time you can do it by bus and stop in between.

  • Any surprises?

    It is just so beautiful! Wow

  • Booking details?

    Just book ahead! Booking the Torres del Pain takes a bit of dedication, since you need to book the camping spots at several websites (it isn't just one camping company but several)