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Trip Report

Andalucía City Highlights

A beautiful trip around Andalucía, exploring the main city of Sevilla and the coastal city Cadiz.

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  • Andalucía City Highlights
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EuropeSpain4 days / October 2021

Highs & Lows

Sea swimming!

October is still very hot in Seville….which I was not expecting

Itinerary Overview

Travelled with four friends in each place and enjoyed two glorious days in each city. Started by flying into Sevilla, then from there the train down to Cadiz. If you have not used BlaBla car before, travelling round Spain the app is a must. The app allows you to see who, where and when people are driving and provides you the opportunity to ride share. This massively helps to save money on transport costs and sometimes you meet some super interesting people and get recommendations for the city you are heading to! Normally there are lots of people driving Seville to Cadiz!

The purpose of the trip for me was to have a great time with great company. I did not stress about ticking off all of the tourists attractions, we focussed on having a balance of sight seeing, relaxing and eating and drinking well! I think that it was a great time of year to visit as it was still hot weather but peak tourist season had ended. Make sure you pack sun cream and summer clothes. 

  • 2 Nights: Seville
  • 2 Nights: Cádiz
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Sevilla is a lovely city, be it for a short break or a permanent move, the city is just what you want. It is reasonably sized, no more than forty five minutes walk anywhere and yet lots of different events happening at weekends plus a buzzing nightlife. The main tourist attractions are the Cathedral, Gold Tower, Alcazar, Setas, Museo Belles Artes, CAC,  and Plaza de España, be sure to visit these but do not be mistaken they are not Sevilla‘s highlights. 

Traditional breakfast is Tostada - most places will serve these with fresh orange juice and coffee for about 4 euros. Yes! 4 euros! For breakfast there are lots of great options: Cafe Otto, Cafe Moma and Cafe Hercules are a few to be noted. Sevilla is a cheap city for eating and drinking out so don’t be afraid to relax in some squares at a cafe and enjoy the one euro coffees. Plaza Alfalfa is lovely with a few restaurants scattered around. Or if you want a rest with a few then head to Pura Vida rooftop bar. You will pay above average prices but will have a stunning view which includes the cathedral  

In terms of day time activities once you have exhausted the sightseeing list be sure to take a stroll along the river and then cross Triana Bridge into the Ceramics district where you can buy any little take home gifts. Mercado Feria is also a lovely way to spend a morning and try out the fish restarrant inside the market, and Pittacasa on the edge of the market. 

Parallel to Calle Feria are a few other cute streets, one of which has an excellent Champagne and Oyster bar (La Champaneria de Feria, C. Conde de Torrejón, 21, 41003 Sevilla, Spain). A glass of champagne is just 5€ I believe so is a special treat before dinner and is beautiful inside.

For nightlife, the Alameda street is absolutely buzzing. This is where all of the late night bars and restaurants are located and you’ll be able to stay up as late as you like in this area. Duo Tapas is great option for traditional Spanish food. Bar Café Tarifa is perfect for some after dinner cocktails. If you are looking for a dance afterwards Monasterio is just a short walk away for all the reggaeton tunes. 


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Well Cadiz is small, there’s no two ways about it. Do not come to Cadiz if it is a big city weekender you are after. Come to Cadiz for some genuine authentic Andalucía and a pretty little city beach. We took the train into Cadiz which was approximately an hour and a half from Sevilla. Walking to the city centre is easy from the train station and everyone Will be going the same way so no fears of getting lost! 

Let yourself get tangled up in the small, narrow high streets of Cadiz, and if you’re lucky you will stumble across the jewel that is Casa Caracol. 

There are two beaches in Cadiz and I had the pleasure of visiting them both, however one is far superior to the other. That is the bay one. It is not the most picturesque or tropical beach you may visit in your life but it is close to the city and it is absolutely swimable. If the beach isn’t for you, take a walk around the cathedral, climb the tower and visit the central food market!

The food scene in Cadiz is not to be missed. If you enjoy fish and seafood then this is the city for you! Find a lively restaurant and take a seat outside if possible and enjoy the Adalucian lifestyle of living in the street! I would highly recommend Taberna Casa Manteca (C. Corralón de los Carros, 66, 11002 Cádiz, Spain). The food is wonderful and the atmosphere is buzzing. You may have to queue for a table if you arrive at the peak moment but normally something becomes available!


Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    More time in both places just to explore the little cafes and wander around.
  • Restaurant recommendations?

    Duo tapas for dinner in Sevilla, and Uno deliciosas for lunch in Sevilla if you love Spanish tortilla. If you are looking for something fancy there is the Hotel Alfonso next to the old tabaco factory (which is now the university) in Sevilla and all the celebrities stay there so maybe treat yourself to a cocktail or cheese board there!
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Book your trains in advance in Spain!
  • Packing tips?

    Cadiz can get freezing at night and has a harsh wind, however Sevilla stays hot so pack layers.
  • Transportation Tips?

    BlaBla car!! But be safe! Check reviews and always go with a verified driver.
  • Booking details?

    I used HostelWorld to book but I think it is often cheaper to book via the Hostel directly and both we stayed can be booked directly.


  • Hostel One Catedral - great hostel, really beautiful interiors, spacious bathrooms and excellent rooftop. The atmosphere was lovely and people were generally very social. There were lots of group activities which you could optionally join too! It is based very much in the old Jewish quarter of the city which has become very touristy so restaurants and shops in the surrounding streets are more expensive and sometimes not as good quality as the rest of the city.

  • Casa Caracol. I have stayed in many hostels in my life (I estimate around 60) and this has to be one of the most relaxed and homey I have been too. The hostel is big but it feels small and intimate. There is family breakfast of pancakes in the morning as well as rooftop yoga.