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Amsterdam’s eccentricity and Edam’s calmness

Longgg weekend getting lost in Amsterdam.

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  • Amsterdam’s eccentricity and Edam’s  calmness
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EuropeUnited Kingdom, Netherlands5 days / June 2016

Highs & Lows

Some beers in Voldempark, cycling around the city and museums not to be missed

It was summer in London so you know it’s boiling.

Itinerary Overview

its been always know that Amsterdam and The Netherlands are some  of the most special and wonderful places in the world. It’s not only the historic places you can go but also the cosmopolitan atmosphere you feel. Even though during summer  Amsterdam and in the whole country can be a bit crowded the weather makes it perfect, long days and short nights help you to experience as  many things as possible. 
I went with my parents , first we got to schipol airport around 7 or 8 in the night, I was a bit shocked about the sun, it was still out and for me it did not make any sense at all. we  grabbed a cab and went to the hotel, once we got there I could imagine how beautiful this city was, amazing buildings, everyone seemed  happy having a beer or just hanging up with some friends. Another thing that got at First sight was the culture for cycling i just could not believe how easy was to get a cycle and go everywhere you want, even fTom de airport To the city centre. 
 The first day we woke up super early, my parents wanted to size the day, mi first impression about Amsterdam a  quiet and a really peaceful city with vibes of like a town but  around 10 in the morning everything changed .  I remember people coming out from nowhere and the quietness and  peacefulness just gone But in a good way, everyone seemed so happy and enjoying the best of Amsterdam and its freedom. One of my favourite moments was my dad concerning about people coffee shops and people having a joint in the streets and in the morning.  During  4 days in amsterdam we went to many museums like the  Moco museum , the  risjks museum, van gogh museum, stedelijk among others. We were supposed to stay in the Netherlands only for 4 days but then a guy from the hotel recommended us Edam, he described as a small town with a proper dutch athmospere. I don’t know what moved us, but seemed to be a nice and short adventure we could miss. 



  • 4 Nights: Amsterdam
    Architecture and culture
  • 1 Night: Edam
    Proper Dutch culture and cheese
Amsterdam - Architecture and culture

Amsterdam Architecture and culture

Amsterdam - Architecture and culture - null
Amsterdam - Architecture and culture - null
Amsterdam - Architecture and culture - null1+

Tons of things to do, amazing atmosphere , people and madness party. 
its really easy to move around the city, from north to south the city is connected, the transport system it’s just amanzing, always clean and on time. The first day we went to almost 5 museums the first one  Rijks museum it’s definitely a must ,  tickets  at that time were around 20 euros, not expensive but I recommend to get an Amsterdam  City Card which gives you free access to so many places and different museums .  After spending almost 4 hours in the museum (huge collectoon of art and museum ) we went to Moco Museum where they were holding a Banksy‘s performance, I didn’t know mucho about him so it got me really intrigued, then  we went for Lunch and  found the best burger in the world next to the Moco Museum , cheap, tasty, fresh, it did really had something special. 

The next day we went on a free tour walking, I do really suggest to do this kind of tours, this helps You to understand where you are and always by someone who is passionate about the city and who knows well the city. Then my parents deciden to get a boat tour, which was okay but a bit expensive, not a great experience but for just once its okay. 
the las two days we explored the city by ourselfs just walking around and founding new and random pleaces ,  coffe shop, thrift stores, amazing restaurants and always a different surprise. 

Edam - Proper Dutch culture and cheese

Edam Proper Dutch culture and cheese

Edam - Proper Dutch culture and cheese - null
Edam - Proper Dutch culture and cheese - null
Edam - Proper Dutch culture and cheese - null

Edam is super closed to amsterdam around 35 minutes ride by bus or even enough to bike in a 90 minute ride. Once you get there you see how the proper dutch country side looks like 

Although Edam is famous for its market cheese and the different kinds of it, edad has much more thing to offer I suggest to get a  boat tour and go through the canals, if it’s not possible walking along their banks its also charming. 

As I told you the cheese market in Edam is huge. You  cannot miss one of the farmers where they ley you  try the original Dutch cheese. If what you want is peacefulness Edam is perfect.  
Amsterdam can be thrilling but if what you really want is to experience the everyday of Dutch people small towns like Edam or Volendam are perfect for you.  Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen!!!

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    More time in the Netherlands and more cities to visit
  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Although summer hits hard in Europe but the Netherlands are a bit special, Amsterdam in the morning can be very windy.
  • Restaurant recommendations?

    For me Amsterdam offers you a huge package of food and restaurants, no restaurant will disappoint you
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Seize your time
  • Transportation Tips?

    Get a card with weekly transport
  • Booking details?

    It’s better to book everything by you own, there are apps like booking or hopper that can get you the best deal.


  • West side inn hotel Amsterdam, great location, not too fancy but a reasonable Price, food isn’t the best but as I said for that prices and location it’s perfect.

  • Art hotel slander