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Trip Report

A trip to the Netherlands

5 days in beautiful Amsterdam and a day trip to Utrecht and Rotterdam

by catalina76082About Me:Hi! i'm a student who loves travelling and getting to know new cultures. i've travelled a good amount of cities before i turned 21. What i value in a trip is getting to know the city, its cultures and its typical food and activities. read more

EuropeNetherlands5 days / October 2018

Highs & Lows

Very easy to go from city to city, very kind people, beautiful city

The hotel was a bit far from the center of Amsterdam

Itinerary Overview

I travelled to Amsterdam with 6 of my friends during October. We arrived in the afternoon and had lunch near the hotel at a place called The Breakfast Club, it was very good. Then we took the tram and headed to Nieuwmarkt. We walked around and visited various shops. Then it got dark, so we headed to the Red light district and went in a Bulldog Coffeshop and stayed there till late. The next day we walked around where the Oude Church is and saw all the houses and the canal. Then we walked to the Albert Cuyp Market and had some mini pancakes with Kinder chocolate, it was delicious. Then we went to the Heineken Museum, we bought the tickets there which aren’t the cheapest. But the museum is cool, and you get two beers at the end of the tour. Then we visited the Moco Museum, which was my favorite, it has very cool Art and was having a Banksy Exhibit. Afterwards we walked around and took pictures with the big Amsterdam sign. That night we got dressed up and went to a Halloween party, the nightlife in Amsterdam is great so don’t miss out. The next day we walked around the canal and visited Vondelpark which is very pretty.

The next day we bought train tickets to Utrecht which is about 30 to 40 minutes from Amsterdam. We arrived very early in the morning, so we stopped at a coffee shop to get some coffee. Then we walked around the canal and visited many shops. Utrecht is very beautiful it also has a canal. Then we walked around to an old cathedral and continued walking. Then we went to visit The Dom Tower which is quite impressive. We really didn’t do many activities since we were just visiting for a short amount. But just walking around and maybe having lunch there is very beautiful and worth your while. However, I suggest you do some research on Utrecht since after we left, I realized there is some very cool things to do like visit some underground ruins which are right downstairs from Dom Tower and lots of beautiful parks with a medieval touch to them.

We finished walking around Utrecht right before lunch, so we decided to buy a ticket to Rotterdam. The train ride is about 40 to 50 minutes. When we arrived, we went to have lunch and ate at Vapiano, but I wouldn’t recommend it and instead I would find something local. Then we walked to the Market Hall which has filled with tons of food and desserts. We had some donuts which were very good and walked around to see all the food. Then we walked around and all kinds of weird houses and buildings. Then we went to the Cube Houses. We walked around the cube neighborhood, took some pictures, and then decided we wanted to go inside one of the cube houses. You have to pay to enter but the ticket is very cheap. The house inside is also interesting but it is a very quick tour. Then we bought a train ticket and headed back to Amsterdam.

  • 5 Nights: Amsterdam
    Amsterdam is a very rich city, there is tons of things to do and it is extremely beautiful.
  • Day trip: Utrecht
    Utrecht is a quiet and beautiful town
  • Day trip: Rotterdam
    Crazy architecture!

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    i would have made more time to visit the other museums in amsterdam

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    our amsterdam hotel was a bit far from the city's center so it was a bit annoying to move around

  • How was the food?

    The Breakfast Club in Amsterdam

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    lookup which towns and cities are near amsterdam and take a day trip.

  • Packing tips?

    it was very very cold in october so do take lots of warm clothes

  • Transportation Tips?

    take the train to visit many cities

  • Any surprises?

    how close the cities were from amsterdam

  • Booking details?

    i flew with transavia from france


  • Qbic WTC Hotel Amsterdam, it was okay but would recommend. the bathroom had no doors but it had a very good breakfast