Trip Report


Trip Report

A long weekend in Malta

Meeting up with friends in Malta for a long weekend

by julietteAtlasGuru Contributor

Malta4 days / March 2017

Highs & Lows

Partying in Saint Julians

Not enough time to see it all

Itinerary Overview

Saint Julian is a really cute village, with a nice little port and nice ice cream. You can go for a walk or a restaurant  enjoy Mediterranean food during the day and enjoy the beautiful sea or training pool. It is also a student neighbourhood where the people go to party at night. The area is good to have a drink but also enjoy concert early in the evening. We met some nice people from America and Ireland in the hostel, and we shared a  night the five of us, meeting new people all night long and having a drinks. In the morning we had so much fun that we decided to go to the jacuzzi to relax from the night and to plan the next part of our trip.

The city of La Valetta is a former Venetian city listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the architecture is really nice, you can experience a really nice day walking up and down the streets, enjoying bow windows with different colors and the cool weather from the narrow streets. It is a beautiful port, don't miss the St John's cathedral and archaeology museum. A very nice moment of culture and architecture on this trip. I wouldn't recommend coming on Sundays, because a lot of things are closed in the wintertime. Unfortunately, we couldn't enjoy the museum for this same reason. But don't hesitate to go have a coffee or a beer on the Place that will remind you of the Plaza San Marco in Venice if you've been there. 

The third and last day we decided to go for a round trip around the Island of Malta. We took a hop and off bus and went to visit some nice places. We stop in an ancient museum of archaeology, we went to see the famous Azur Window that fell down just 2weeks before we arrived. It was still a really nice place to see. Then we rented a boat and visited an underground cave in the water, we observed fishes and jellyfishes in this amazing perfect blue water, and then we stopped at the area of Kemmuna to picnic and have a swim in freezing yet beautiful water. We felt fortunate because it was winter, so we were almost alone in the area. Then we came back by bus to San Julian where we were staying before taking our planes. 

  • 4 Nights: St Julian's
    Central location to sleep and have fun.
  • Day trip: Valletta
    Architecture and culture
  • Day trip: Comino
    Enjoying the sea and the surroundings

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    Stayed a little bit more to enjoy the south of the main Island.

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    No it is a very safe and enjoyable Island i would recommand it for a week !

  • How was the food?

    I didn't recall a special place but the food is a nice fusion between Mediterranean and English culture.

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Stay at Hostel Malti ! It is great to meet people, and the hostel is really homy.

  • Packing tips?

    Bathing suits and nice shoes to walk. Don't forget the sun cream because it is an island after all !

  • Transportation Tips?

    We didn't do it but i think renting a scooter must be one of the best way to discover the island.

  • Any surprises?

    What a party we had in Saint Julian's neighborhood. Include a day of after this, i would recommand jacuzzi and beach all day long !

  • Booking details?

    Directly from the website of Hostel Malti.


  • Hostel Malti, super nice hostel, we were in mixed dorms, not a lot of people because it was in March. They had a jacuzzi, terrace, BBQ and really nice staff. The owner was funny and welcoming.