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A girls weekend getaway in Italy - Bologna and Modena

Visiting Bologna and Modena with my friend. An extended weekend filled with delicious Italian food, plenty of Aperols and lots of laughs.

by karoAbout Me:The adamant wanderer. I started traveling with my parents as a kid and caught the vagabond bug. I've been traveling ever since. read more

EuropeItaly4 days / October 2022

Highs & Lows

Italy is life

Literally nothing I can think of

Itinerary Overview

We were based in Bologna as we flew there directly. From there we could take train trips to neighbouring cities. Bologna is really well connected and traveling around is quite cheap, fast and very convenient. 

  • 4 Nights: Bologna
    A weekend getaway with my best friend
  • Day trip: Modena
    Charming city, excellent for a weekend stay or a day trip

Q & A

  • How was the food?

    So many restaurant recommendations: - Marsalino - for drinks or delicious food or non pretentious, wonderful vibes - Sfoglia Rina - great pasta fresca and quite a chilled out atmosphere. We've been there twice and one time we were served by a guy who was clearly having a bad day and was way too grumpy. Still, delicious carbs so no regrets - Cremeria Santo Stefano - oh boy, for finger licking pistachio ice-cream. I mean they do have other flavours but I have no idea who orders anything else than pistachio ;) - Salumeria Simoni - posh grocery store, lot's of charcuterie but they do have some antipasti like delicious olives and cheese. Beware: if you're sensitive to meat smell, avoid at all cost as the place is literally filled with enormous parma hams, etc - Le Stanze - bar in a repurposed chapel. Super nice place with frescos above your head but keep in mind, it's fancy. Not Ritz fancy but they do have a bouncer at the door who will most likely tell you that they are full if you show up wearing a North Face rain jacket. - Cremeria la Vecchia Stalla - again, pistachio ice cream to die for - Mercato di Mezzo - nice food hall with stalls but also bars and restaurants inside, it can get quite busy and noisy - Bar Volare - vibrant and excellent drinks, very local vibe - Ristorante Casa Monica - delicious pasta and risottos - Blue Hush - great local bar with authentic atmosphere and delicious drinks - Trattoria de Me - tortellini in broth was SO good...Read More

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Don't forget to bring a spare stomach

  • Packing tips?

    Bring comfy shoes and preferably some free space in your luggage because it's so worth to take advantage of Italian delicacies and bring them home as souvenirs. Bologna is famous for tortellini and you'll find plenty of shops where you can buy some to take away. Apart from that it's the usual suspects, delicious olive oil, prosciutto, etc.

  • Transportation Tips?

    Transport from the airport to Bologna Centrale is super cheap and easy. Don't bother with taxis as the train is cheap (8EUR one way) and takes about 15 minutes. The city itself (at least the central part of it) is very walkable.

  • Any surprises?

    It didn't surprise me but it might surprise you. Remember that in Italy most restaurants will add a coperto to your bill (which is like service charge) if you decide to sit down at the table. Even if it's just for coffee. If you drink at the bar, no coperto but if you drink at the table then you'll very likely have to pay something. Usually it's 2EUR but there are some restaurants=tourist traps where they can charge you 5-8EUR per person. Obviously that's a rip off so it's good to check before you sit down somewhere.


  • Airbnb in Bologna Centrale. I recommend staying in the center because then you'll be able to walk pretty much anywhere you want and you won't have to use taxis/public transport.