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50 shades of blue - Mallorca beaches vacation

Discovering mallorca's incredible beaches with a rented car

by karenmoralesAbout Me:I discovered 11 years ago that traveling is one of the most valuable ways to self awareness. I was in the desert of Jaisalmer in India looking at the stars on a full moon night. And something magical happened. read more

EuropeSpain3 days / June 2021

Highs & Lows

Calamari, vermut and delta beach

Prices and plenty of tourists

Itinerary Overview

My friend lives in Palma for a few years now, and she took me to some really nice beaches. The first one was delta beach. About 20-min drive from Palma to the south. We went in a car I've rented at the airport on my arrival. On your waze app, you can put "club mhares" as your destination. This will take you to a parking lot by the sea. From there you can go down to the beach and keep on going to the right (north) and find yourself some really nice spots on the beach (stone beach) or go to the left (my recommendation) so to go to the left (south), you need to go to the end of the parking and then continue by foot on the dirt path for 10 min until you reach to the beach. You will find lots of stone bays. This area used to be a stone mine long time ago and now all the dug out areas make for beautiful natural swimming pools. There are plenty of private spots on the beach, so even if there are many people on the beach, you can still get some privacy. BTW this beach is popular for nudists.

Deia is a stunning village, located in the majestic mountain ridge that decorates the northern coast of Mallorca (UNESCO world heritage). Its stone-made traditional but well-maintained houses make it for a real jam and very pleasant experience to stroll down the village's streets and alleys. You can go up to the church to get a nice view all around to get the feeling of the village's history. From there we went of town with the car towards the east and drove for 5 minutes and parked by the side of the road near a stone wall (you will see the other cars parking) then we went walking down, following a stone path until a beautiful beach unveiled in front of us. Playa Llucalcari is a very natural stone beach with wild natural life under the water and rocks. Highly recommended for snorkeling and nude tanning.
We spent a few hours there and headed back to the car. We had back to Deia where we had a wonderful Vegan paella at el barrigon xelini restaurnte (delicious!)
our day ended at our hotel, drinking a some glasses of verut at the restaurnt's bar.

San Agustin is actually a few minutes drive from Palma, but it feels somehow connected to Palma. It's very chill and feels less like a city. It's near the beach, and you can find some nice calas (stone bays) that you can reach from the main road. In order of getting to the really nice beaches, you'll need a car. You can go by bus to many, but it's not so practical. i packed some fruits and drove to call Monjo which is 30 minutes drive to the north along the beach (beautiful views)
the GPS will take you all the way to a dirt path that turns into a parking lot. You leave your car there and continue walking for about 15 minutes. BTW in Mallorca, you can't camp in a tent but if you sleep in a sleeping bag or a hammock you'll be fine. Calo des Monjo is an amazing torques beach surrounded by rocky cliffs. the beach is divided in 2. A kind of sandy beach, a bigger beach and a smaller cala (rocky bay) both are amazing in the middle is a rock in the middle of the water that you can swim to and jump from. On the way back I ate typical linguetes which are like a sandwich on local brown bread and some excellent calamari. As a drink  I highly recommend vermut,  which is a local martini served with olives and a slice of orange. The days in June are long and there is light until about 10 am, so you can even go to the beach for a quickie at 7 pm.

  • 1 Night: Palma
    visiting my friend and discovering the nearby beaches
  • 1 Night: Carrer de Deia
    unique stone houses village in the mountains of mallorca and beautiful beaches
  • 1 Night: Sant Agusti
    beautiful beach

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would have liked to go camping. I knew it's illegal, but only when i arrived i learned that you can camp without a tent!

  • How was the food?

    café " la molienda" in Palma. Try their smoothies,

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Eat as much seafood as you can, drink vermut, try different kinds of tomatoes

  • Packing tips?

    Bring snorkeling gear

  • Transportation Tips?

    rent a car for sure