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100 days in Cordoba, Argentina.

A start from the center of Argentina, escaping from the noise of the city to the sound of crickets when the dew and sun fall in the mountains of CBA, a green, quiet place of brotherhood and kindness.

  • La Falda+ 3
  • Córdoba
  • Córdoba
  • 100 days in Cordoba, Argentina.
juan pablo
About Me:Argentinian, 27 years old, initiated in travel read more

South AmericaArgentina99 days / April - May - June - July - August 2021

Highs & Lows

Go hiking on a bright sunny day.

At night it gets cold in autumn and winter... Very cold.

Itinerary Overview

I arrived in La Falda on a Thursday morning, and it was there that this trip began, I decided to write since I was transferred in my work from the Federal Capital to the heart of the republic, from the noise of the city and the habit of Capital, to a place totally different, in contact with nature, the breeze of pure air, the sensation of living at the foot of the mountain was the best decision I made in times. Here the time is gradual and flows according to the serenity and the messages of the mountain. I have more to tell.

  • 4 Nights: Córdoba
    Transferred from province - Work -
  • 90 Nights: La Falda
  • 5 Nights: San Marcos Sierras
    holidays, fun weekend
Córdoba - Transferred from province - Work -

Córdoba Transferred from province - Work -

Córdoba - Transferred from province - Work - - null
Córdoba - Transferred from province - Work - - null
Córdoba - Transferred from province - Work - - null27+

It was very nice to arrive that morning, I preferred to walk from the bus terminal to the cabin complex, I got closer to the foot of the mountain, and I felt that morning air of tranquility and lavender! Serrano breakfast was like waking up on the right foot and meeting my roomie, her role as hostess takes all the stars of this place, we took a walk to the top of the hill, we drank wine and had a great time, we arrived by The night already, they must go up with time, the landscape makes you slow down for a moment and thus contemplate the mountains in their splendor.

La Falda - Work

La Falda Work

La Falda - Work - null
La Falda - Work - null
La Falda - Work - null3+

At first I was intrigued, when I arrived in the province of Cordoba, I woke up from traveling all night, and I saw the mountains, they were there, they always were, and I arrived. A new beginning. Listening to the song of the tune of the people when they spoke, the morning air, the children in the square, was what I was looking for, and the place I looked for and I found myself, when I first set foot on dry land, I felt like a conqueror and a traveler.

San Marcos Sierras - holidays, fun weekend

San Marcos Sierras holidays, fun weekend

San Marcos Sierras - holidays, fun weekend - null
San Marcos Sierras - holidays, fun weekend - null
San Marcos Sierras - holidays, fun weekend - null5+

in this place I was able to fill a void of nonexistence and be able to embrace the sacred ambience full of light of harmony of spirit.

Between small dirt streets, the sound of guitars and the pure air of its landscapes, San Marcos Sierras is enjoyed around its two crystalline rivers and in full conservation of nature. 

In the downtown area, an old stone and adobe chapel from 1734 stands out, located in front of the main square Cacique Tulián. In this square the artisan fair is held, which stands out among the old colonial-style buildings and colorful facades.

Less than two kilometers away, you will find the Hippie Museum (unique in its style in the world) that exhibits a sample of objects related to this countercultural movement born in the sixties.


Without light pollution or paved streets, this mountain corner is known at a different pace.

Known and declared Provincial Capital of Honey, one of the best organic honeys in Córdoba is produced here. Undoubtedly, visiting this town at the beginning of February is ideal, since at that time the Honey Festival is celebrated, which includes plays, musical shows and sale of regional products. A plus? Visit El Arbol, a beekeeping theme park.

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    What would have changed is that they do not have a 24-hour store, for the supermarket there are not many options, it is compensated with fresh regional artisan products and to share. Having a car in these places gives you more freedom to travel, if I recommend a bicycle. The bike tour allows more time to go out. I was surprised by the fraternity and kindness from the supermarket to people walking in the street or having their coffee, they greet you with a hello! When you choose to go up the hill I suggest signs since we got lost and went up with wine! It was a lot of fun, from the top, you can see the whole city and part of the neighboring little town. Bring repellent in summer times.
  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Due to the Covid situation, I traveled by bus from Buenos Aires by bus, the air conditioning was so strong so it was very cold, the food service is canceled and it does not stop at the bus station to buy food. My seatmate was anxious to get to her town and did not know the way and woke up several times just to wonder where we were?
  • Restaurant recommendations?

    The bar recommendation I have experience in visiting a single bar, because I am passionate about soccer and I am going to watch River's game, the bar is in the heart of the city and is a typical Argentine bar where it is a meeting point for coffee with Toast or Wine or Vermouth. In general, where I live I have a kitchen and the preparation of food every day is surprising, cooking what you want at the moment always according to a glass of Wine, I say one can be more ... Malbec and blends have become A partner at the time of sitting at the table, barbecue is also an option and I am also expanding my gastronomic knowledge, I am going to make Sushi, I am still training.
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    I recommend to my friends to come for visits with time, since the trip is long and cross the mountains, also do not forget to bring a tent, there are always several places around and stay and camp. Let them come wanting to drink Fernet with Coca Cola, eat barbecue and enjoy the environment.
  • Packing tips?

    Coats, gym clothes, bicycle.
  • Transportation Tips?

    You can use the bus service, the Inter Urbano are the option to go anywhere in the mountains, travel with time, from the cordoba bus station, ask for schedules, limited hours.
  • Any surprises?

    I did not have time to look at surprises, if I noticed the difference that being a smaller city the level of violence is much lower and the people are very peaceful, I imagine that also as it is a tourist city in summer and on different dates of the year strengthens the city.
  • Booking details?

    I choose the system of cabins, which are fully equipped, have a hydromassage, kitchen, microwave, green garden, heated pool and cordial attention. "Cabañas Duendes del Eden"


  • Cordoba: Hostel Alvear - Hostelworld or Facebook fan page - Gral- Alvear 158. Cool and young hostel in the pedestrian area. Selina Cordoba - San Lorenzo 163

  • Complejo "Duendes del Edén" - Cuesta Del Lago 1464 Great Location, the center and stores are close five or six blocks

  • There is a wide variety of accommodation in this town, for all needs and tastes. It is possible to choose between cabins, inns, campsites and rental houses. we decided to take our tent and enjoy nature