Trip Report


Trip Report

Nairobi, Kenya and its beauties

A volunteer in the National Park of Nairobi, working at the animal orphanage of the park

by sara grrAbout Me:Hi, im Sara a 21 year old girl, im from Colombia and I like to travel and discover new places. read more

Kenya37 days / August - September - October 2019

Highs & Lows

A experience that everyone haves to do

Nairobi is not that cheep

Itinerary Overview

I arrived from the United States, from the States I had two take to flights, the first one from Chicago-Amsterdam (7 hours) and second one  Amsterdam-Nairobi (8 hours). I arrived at night, so I had to take a cab to the place I was going to stay, at the Glam Hotel .  Due to the trip, I was so tired so the jet lag was no problem and I could sleep well. the next day I woke up and wait for my sister because she was going to that day evening.  Due to the long time that I stayed in Nairobi it was possible to perform diverse activities, the meaningful one was my volunteering. The place in which I volunteer let me travel to other cities, the volunteer let me go for the days I needed. My job So  was with wild animals, I work with lions, monkeys, giraffes, buffalos, irax, duiker, cheetah, wild pig and a diversity of birds.

Is Africa so the safaris are the thing over there. My last safari was to Samburu, Samburu is place that you can arrive by airplane. Meanwhile we are at the plane we ere able to see the great valley, one the biggest valleys in the world, its extension goes from Kenya to Egypt. In  each safari places the are many lodges in which you can stay, I stayed in the Elephant Watch Camp.

Kenya haves a coast, I went to Diani and stayed in a huge house and it was cheap because I went with some friends, so the payment was divided.  The beach is huge in the morning, but as it came noon the ocean stars increasing, and the beach starts reducing until it is just sea. Beautiful water, transparent and because of the color it gives you the opportunity to see little fish, star fishes and hedgehogs, also you can ride camel in the morning for those who are not afraid of highs because those animals are enormous.




  • 30 Nights: Nairobi Animal Orphanage
    I wanted to work with animals, learn about nature, conservancy and know the mysterious Africa
  • 3 Nights: Samburu Trails
  • 4 Nights: Diani Beach
    Know the Indian ocean

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    Spend more time volunteering

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Stay in a nearest hotel, sometime traffic in Nairobi is terrible and it takes more time arriving in the afternoon at the hotel

  • How was the food?

    SANKARA: one of the best restaurants in Nairobi, meet or sea food. (a little expensive)

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Don't be afraid of risks or of knowing people

  • Booking details?

    There was a girl from Denmark and she told me that Be Global was the company who brought her to Kenya.