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Trip Report

Discover the different landscapes on a trekking trip in the Alps of Bern

Checking out some beautiful hiking trips in the mountains of the Berner Oberland with amazing views and beautiful nature

by niklotravelAbout Me:Worried about the state of our world and the disconnection from nature we experience in the western world, traveling for me is a great opportunity to disconnect from society and to reconnect with myself and nature. I grew up in Germany and... read more

EuropeSwitzerland3 days / May - June 2020

Highs & Lows

Beeing completely alone on a hike and enjoying the stillness of nature

The costs for public transport in Switzerland

Itinerary Overview

The Justital is a place off the beaten path, because around there are not a lot of big sightseeing spots to visit. We took the bus to the beginning of the valley from the city of Thun and started the hike. This first is on the bottom of the valley and you will see some mountain pastures and wild forests right from the trail. As it is a Nature Reserve Park the valley is still pristine an seems untouched. Down in the valley you will find two very nice and little restaurants. After those we hiked up to the Sichelpass which is for most of the walkers the end point. It’s a steep and straining hike but its totally worth it. We decided to go further and followed the path to the right where we ended up at the Burst at 1968 m. From here you have an amazing view over the alps of Bern and also the the famous Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. We had the luck that sunset was about to happen so our decent shined in the most beautiful colors of orange and red. The decent is as the ascent not difficult and takes about 90 min.


You start the hike through the Suldtal in Aeschiried which is easily accessible by bus. From the station we followed the path which was the whole time following the river. So if you feel hot you can quickly take a quick tip to cool you off. The path is easy to get through and is in the forest, but quite steep. In the middle we got surprised by a beautiful view on the Pochtenfall waterfall. After that you still have approx.. 45 min. to go until you turn left to begin the hike to the Renglipass and from there to the Morgenberghorn. This hike was quite challenging because it was the whole time in the sun but at the top you get rewarded with a great view over the two big lakes on the one side and the snowy chain of the main ridge of the Alps. The decent is easy and if you still have some time you should take a little rest at the meadows down in the valley and enjoy a swim in the river and a cold Panache.


The hike to the Fründenhütte starts at the famous Oeschinenseeregion. We startet the hike in Kandergrund from the train station but you can also save the first 500m by taking the gondola. After the first ascent we came to the beautiful Oeschinensee and were very happy to take a swim, it was cold but gold. The landscape here is just astonishing despite all the tourists. The hike to the Fründenhütte is not very frequented. We needed to take the left path over the Fründenschnur because the right path was closed due to massive rockfall. The Fründenschnur is like a little notch that ays in the middle of a giant rock face. For going there you should be without vertigo and have either bring a harness or  be very save on your feet. The walk itself is easy but is very narrow but being there is just great. Outside the Fründenschnur starts the hike up to the alp which goes through rubble and takes some energy. At the end when you reach the Alp and enjoy the sunset and the presence of the glacier and some good food. We descented the next day in rainy conditions which was not a problem.              

  • 1 Night: Justistalstrasse
    Recommendation of a friend
  • 1 Night: Suldtal
  • 1 Night: Fründenhütte
    Wanted to do a challenging hike around the Oeschinensee

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I wouldn't have changed anything, it was perfect.

  • How was the food?

    At the Alp Oberhofner Berg at the end of the Justital the food was extremely delicious. Everything was homemade and the owners were very friendly and helpful.

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Defenitely go with a tent or a hammock to increase your nature experience and to save some money as well.

  • Packing tips?

    Pack lightly and compact and bring enough water, best in a camelback to save weight. You don't need a lot of cloths but swimming equipment is recommended ;)

  • Transportation Tips?

    Go by train and bus. They might be expensive but it is the easiest and most ecological way to travel around.